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How to Choose a Calgary Online Marketing Consultant


Every year thousands of businesses hire online marketing consultants to help grow their business with no idea of what to look for.

In this article, we’re going to break down the exact process you should use to select and work with marketing agencies to get results as well as answer some of the most commonly asked questions about choosing the right agency for your business. 

At the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask.

The first and most important thing you should expect from an online marketing consultant is to have an effective plan. 

They need to understand your target audience, the key areas in which you want to improve your business, where the opportunities for the greatest returns are, and how they are going to reach those goals. 

Your marketing consultant can:

  1. Audit your website for any technical or security issues;
  2. Solve those technical issues for you and provide recommendations on how to prevent problems like these affect your marketing performance;
  3. Create a robust content marketing plan that can increase your reputation in front of your audience and boost organic rankings. 

By choosing an online marketing consultant that provides all of these services, you can be sure that they will be focused and ready for your marketing campaigns to boost your ROI. They should also know when you might need additional help or support within your business team, particularly for any IT-related projects.


SEO Website Audits

No reputable online marketing consultant will start a marketing campaign without being sure that your website is healthy.

Website audits are an essential measure to improve the efficiency and visibility of a website. As part of regular website maintenance, a website audit presents a business with an exceptional opportunity for growth online. We use industry-leading tools like semrush and ahrefs to perform audits and generate actionable advice to help improve SEO results.

Businesses that conduct such audits are often rewarded with search engine ranking improvements, increased traffic, and improved online visibility.

A lot of these technical challenges could be resolved by using the expertise of an online marketing professional, someone with superior experience in the field of digital marketing and SEO services, who is capable of analyzing and improving their clients’ websites, and further presenting them with an opportunity for growth.

But how do you choose the right marketing consultant? Here are a few questions you should ask?

  1. Do you have experience in a similar niche?
  2. Who do you need to collaborate with from my team?
  3. How long does it take to run a website audit?
  4. What’s the plan for solving the issues we uncover?

How to Pick the Best Calgary Technical SEO Services

Once you have a clear understanding of the technical issues you uncovered through the technical audit, you need a solid plan on how to solve these problems.

An online marketing consultant will present you with a timeline and a plan, guiding you through the entire process and even implementing the changes for you.

When it comes to technical SEO, an online marketing consultant will consider usability testing and increased rankings.

Usability testing

The world of web design has evolved from simple layouts with a splash of color and unique designs. These days a web page is not just about “looking” good – it’s about “doing” good.

You want to make sure your marketing consultant knows that website design is about more than just appearance. Your site will need to tell visitors what your business does, how you operate, and what value you offer.

Increased rankings

SEO is changing every day, and it’s not all just about changing a few meta titles, putting a bit of content together, and indexing your website. The algorithms get more complicated each day, and the competition gets stronger. It’s much more difficult to get results than it was just 5 years ago.

This is why you need to make sure that your online marketing consultant understands how SEO works.

How to Choose a Calgary Content Marketing Consultant

A website audit can also uncover content opportunities.

“Content is still king.” That’s what most marketers claim—and they are right. 

A considerable share of consumers prefers the traditional consumption of content over newer methods such as curation and social media. Most businesses, too, prefer to talk about content marketing as a single project or campaign rather than an integrated tactic for building a community that nurtures lifelong loyalty.

An online marketing consultant will know how to build the right content marketing campaign and will have an understanding of the niche and location you’re operating in. 

Success is about consistency and a solid strategy, not a quick win. Your consultant should take time to carefully plan your content efforts to create long-term results, rather than quick solutions that might backfire.

A Calgary online marketing consultant should:

  1. Make use of your Analytics data. Many bloggers run their blogs on WordPress (see why WordPress is the best platform for SEO). It’s a great platform that makes it easy to create a website and publish content on the net. It’s also extremely easy to install Google Analytics on it. With the data you get, you can find out which content performs best, and what the content gaps are.
  2. Understand search intent. Keyword research is knowing what your audience is looking for and what Google returns for that specific result. A good consultant will know the difference between an informational and purchase-based intent.
  3. Study your competitors. Competitor research is important because it helps you to make better-informed decisions for your content marketing strategy. When you keep an eye on your competitors’ content, you can figure out what are the projects they are working on and how you can prepare your next article.

Calgary Online Marketing Consultant Conclusion


Partnering with the right marketing consultant is essential to your company’s success. Both parties need to win or it isn’t a great partnership. 

Great partnerships between a Calgary online marketing consultant and their client are built on foundations of mutual trust, open communication, and agile execution. 

If you have limited time or resources to invest in your marketing campaigns, a partner who can bring best-in-class digital expertise will be extremely beneficial.

Even if budget isn’t an issue for you, a professional partner can bring skills and experience that simply aren’t available in-house. Contact us to find out more.

About the author

Nat Miletic is the founder of Clio Websites, a Calgary-based web design company. Nat writes about WordPress, SEO, and responsive web design.

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