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I am often asked to give a ballpark figure regarding how much a web design project will cost. While this is a very reasonable request, the answer usually frustrates clients because it truly depends. Hint: keep reading as there are additional resources below.

Every web design project and engagement is a little bit different and each client will have different needs and requirements. Here are a few examples that might impact the cost and complexity of a web design project:

  1. Does your business require a general information website with only a few pages? This is fairly inexpensive and easy to set up.
  2. Do you require blogging functionality and the ability to update your own content (WordPress option)? The complexity of these types of web design projects increases slightly and so does the effort and cost. I wrote about the difference between Bootstrap (static website) and WordPress (dynamic blogging platform) projects on my website because this question comes up often.
  3. Are you planning on selling products on your website and would therefore need an e-commerce solution? For these projects we typically recommend WordPress + WooCommerce or the Shopify platform. This will increase the complexity even further and also the cost and effort of the web design project.

web design pricing resources

More often than not, making the decision regarding what your current business needs are and what they will be in the future is a tough decision to make. For example, choosing the static and simple informational website option (#1) may tie your hands and force you to do a complete redesign in the future.

I came across a very interesting article which goes over various graphic and web design project costs and explains the reason for variation in pricing. I think that this article (in USD) is very much in line with the Calgary web design project pricing as well: Another great resource that I came across recently is the following: At Clio Websites we try to stay competitive with our pricing so if you would like to get a free estimate, reach out to us so that we can discuss your project.

This article distinguishes between a simple landing page which could be used to promote an event or product and a full blown website. The pricing in the article was derived by surveying over 209 freelance designers. There is also a disclaimer in the beginning of the article which mentions that these prices don’t include any coding and that there is a lot of variability in cost which is a fair statement. However, this will give you a really good idea and a ballpark figure of how much you should be budgeting for a web design project in Calgary.

website cost questions and next steps

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Clio Websites. We have flexible payment plans so the upfront cost should not prohibit you from getting started with your company website design project. What sets Clio apart from the competition is that we:

  • are a premier Calgary web design company with WordPress expertise
  • have a very high customer satisfaction and retention rate (over 98%),
  • spend the time to really understand your business needs and requirements,
  • pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to each and every client,
  • are responsive and won’t leave you hanging for days when you need support the most,
  • put a personal touch to each project to distinguish you from your competition.


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