How to Pick a Good Domain Name For Your Business


Find out how to pick a good domain name for your business in this article.

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How to Pick a Good Domain Name For Your Business – Intro

Choosing a domain name is a crucial part of launching your website, which can make it a little intimidating. Some people have been known to agonize over what the right domain name would be—and that is a good thing!

Your domain name will be a representation of your entire site, so it matters what you end up choosing for it. While changing a domain name is possible, it is an unpleasant process that can be confusing for potential visitors, which is why it is so important to get it right the first time.

In this article, we will discuss how to pick a great domain name for your business.


Consider Your Business Name

The first place to start with a domain name is always the business name. While your domain name doesn’t need to be identical to your business, it should always be related. You don’t want a website that sounds nothing like your brand—this can be very confusing for visitors and should be avoided unless there is a reason for it. For example, you might have a domain name that is promotional in nature and relates to your business. However, for a basic domain name, you should always focus on keeping it business-related.

In a lot of cases, you can use your business name as a domain name. This makes it very easy for customers. However, if you have a lengthy business name, you probably won’t want to use that. Instead, consider abbreviating it or trimming the name down. Mark & Markson’s Dental Practice can become MarkMarksonDentists or something of that nature. Be aware that some elements, like &, won’t be usable in a domain name and will require adjustments.

If you are torn between which domain extension to go with (.com, .net, .ca, etc) don’t be. There is a simple rule of thumb rule that you can use. Always try to go with .com if it’s available. This will be the most intuitive for users and visitors because it’s been around the longest. Your country domain is also a great choice (for example .ca if your business is in Canada).

Keep Your Domain Name Simple

Simplicity is key for your domain name. While you might be able to be found with a Google search (and hopefully will be!), it is better to keep a simple domain name so people can understand the website. This will play a large role in whether or not they remember the name at all. Even major brands simplify their website domains in some cases to appeal more to their customers.

A good domain name will be easily remembered by someone that is interested in you. If you are selling a product or service, you might want to make your domain name related to that or your brand name. When someone tries to recall your website later, these are generally the kinds of things that they will type into their web browser.

Make it easy for them to get the website right the first time or they might do a search that leads them to your competitors instead.


Make Sure It Aligns With Your Brand

One area where business owners struggle is choosing a domain name that really doesn’t match their branding. They might choose a domain name that simply doesn’t match the tone—and your customers will find this strange, even if they don’t consciously recognize it. Fun and modern brands can get away with silly or high-energy domain names—and they should!

Your domain name should match the aesthetic of your brand when possible. It will keep your branding consistent in an important way.

Scope Out The Domain Names of Competitors

When in doubt, checking out the competition is always a good bet. Look at your competitors and see what kind of domain names they are choosing. This is important for a few reasons, but first, it will give you an awareness of any unspoken industry standards. With this information, you can do a better job of standing out from the crowd without necessarily making your brand seem strange or unprofessional. Learn from those around you and use this information to outperform them.

A really important consideration when looking at other domain names is recognizing when your competition might be close to yours. In most cases, you don’t want a domain name that sounds exactly like someone else’s. It might confuse your visitors, or it might just make them overlook you for the other brand in error. Try to stay original without being too over the top about it.


How to Pick a Good Domain Name For Your Business – Conclusion

Your domain name can play a big role in how your business is perceived. The best way to start is to look at it written down. Sometimes, we can think something sounds good, but how will it look good printed? How will it feel when a customer types it in? Focus on viewing your domain name as a serious branding choice and choose something that you are comfortable with everyone seeing.

When in doubt, always keep it focused on your brand and you should do great!


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