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Modern, responsive web design services for your small business. We use the latest technology guaranteed to make your website look awesome on any device. 

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What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is an approach to web development that focuses on creating websites that adapt to each device. The general idea is that a responsive website will always look and feel great no matter what device you view it from.

There are several different approaches that can achieve this. We use the latest technologies (such as WordPress and Webflow) which are guaranteed to look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Professional responsive web design

There are just too many devices and resolutions that your customers might be using and you can’t afford to alienate anyone. Having a professionally designed site that performs on most devices is very important. Responsive web design used to be very challenging and difficult to accomplish. In the past few years, however, responsive sites have become the norm.

Most modern web development platforms and CMS systems, like WordPress, support responsiveness out of the box. Designing and developing beautiful and highly functioning responsive websites is one of our specialties.


Make your website stand out

We don’t use pre-built templates in order to achieve website responsiveness. We use proven tools and technologies to make every website unique and tailored to your needs. 

Some of the tools that we use include WordPress, WebflowBootstrap, and modern CSS.

Why Clio Websites

Clio Websites is a full-service website design and marketing company in Calgary. We have vast experience in responsive website design, website maintenance, WordPress development and support, and digital marketing. Clio offers free consultations and website evaluations and we receive glowing reviews from our clients.

We have helped clients develop many responsive WordPress websites that clients love. Visit our portfolio to see some great examples.

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Responsive web design is an approach to web development that focuses on creating websites that adapt to each device. This modern approach is very important in today’s website landscape because users are using mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. You can’t afford to miss out on users based on the device they are using to visit your website.

There are several ways that you can make a website responsive using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. 

We use WordPress, Bootstrap, and Webflow, which are responsive by nature and guaranteed for great responsive results and performance. If you have any questions or are struggling with making this happen, feel free to contact us. We love helping clients.

You can check out our Calgary web design portfolio in order to see some great examples. Our own website (crated with WordPress) is another great example of responsive web design.

There are several really good tools to test your website for responsiveness. Our favourite is the Google Chrome developer tools. Check out this resource to learn how to test your website for responsiveness.

Using templates is one way to achieve website responsiveness but at Clio Websites, we don’t use pre-built templates.

Every one of our projects is custom tailored and uniquely developed for each client.