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In this article, we will provide some tips on how to design a logo for your small business.

Small Business Logo Design Introduction

Logo design is a significant area of focus for branding efforts. Finding the right logo for your brand can significantly improve the way that your brand is received by your audience.

To make this possible, you need to make sure that your logo works for you. In this article, we will discuss key considerations when designing a logo for a small business.


The Importance of Logo Design

Logo design is one of the most visual parts of a small business’s brand. In most cases, the logo is the first piece of branding that a potential customer will see. Consider your logo as a simple way to immediately catch customer interest. When people see your logo, it needs to really resonate with them and should give them a clear idea of who you are.

Choosing Appropriate Colors

Your color choice for a logo can really determine how it resonates with people. Some colors are pleasant and approachable, while others might demonstrate a kind of authority. In some cases, a color can be completely unpleasant to the senses or might hurt the brand’s credibility. There is a lot to consider when you choose the color scheme—and it is crucial to ensure that your logo is not dependent on color. Not every rendition of your logo will be in color, so make sure that the design still looks right in black and white.

To find the right color, think about what you want to say. More professional brands tend to use serious darker colors in some cases, while other people lean towards a more modern splash of color. It can be helpful to do some research here. Color psychology and common industry colors can be a good area of focus. Think about how you want your customers to feel when they see your color scheme and go from there.


Simplicity in Small Business Logo Design

An easy mistake for a small company to make is to add way too much detail to their logo. While everyone wants to stand out, less is always more with branding, particularly where logos are concerned. A simple logo is easier to identify from a ways away and will be more iconic. Apple and Microsoft both have excellent examples of simple logos.

Keeping a simple design makes your logo easier to identify, which will matter more as you begin to grow. A simple outline of a basic shape is easier to spot than a complex image, which is why logos tend to be very basic. This isn’t because of a lack of creativity. It is actually because it makes your logo more visible, no matter what size it is in.

Matching Your Brand

The hardest part of making a logo for a small business will be suiting your brand. You want something that is in line with everything else that you have, like your website or even a social media page. Knowing how to match your brand is very important because it will create a seamless continuation from logo to your overall business persona. You don’t want to have a very professional logo if your brand is a little more fun and vice versa. Make sure that you focus on what will work with your brand colors and what you want your company to be known for. Generally, logos are related to the name or industry of a company.

Consider Voice

The tone of your logo will play a significant role in how your brand is received by others. We should always look to create a logo that matches our brand voice. If you aren’t sure what your brand voice is, it is generally best to start with a simple logo that involves general shapes or letters from your company name.

When in doubt, start simple. Remember, you can always rebrand yourself later—and many companies do! If your brand is modern, it can be helpful to look to technology companies for inspiration. If your brand is more fun, influencers are a great point of reference.

Make sure that you find something that doesn’t just look good, but also feels right.


Useful Small Business Logo Design Tools

There are a lot of tools available to help you design a logo on your own. Canva is a popular and inexpensive tool that can help you design a logo in no time. They have a vast template library that can help you get started and match your branding. It’s easy to get started with Canva and also pretty inexpensive.

Our favorite way to design logos is to work with an experienced designer who we know will do a great job.

Free logo design is included in all of our website packages. Contact us to find out more.


Making a logo can be a bit stressful, but there are plenty of talented experts that can help. Your small business can get a fresh and professional look with a logo.

Before you get started, start checking out logos for other companies and decide what you do and don’t like. A little research before you get started will help you to end up with a logo that is much closer to your vision, so take some time and be patient.

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