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Looking for a Calgary WordPress developer? Look no further. We have been developing and maintaining WordPress websites since 2011.

Find out more about WordPress in this article or jump straight to our WordPress support plans.

What is WordPress?

WordPress started off as a blogging platform back in the early 2000s. Since then, it has grown to power over 43% of all websites on the internet. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that offers various capabilities like blogging and e-commerce.

There are two ways to start your WordPress project. Download and install WordPress (from wordpress.org) locally or on a host server, or create an account on wordpress.com and purchase a hosted WordPress website. 

This technology is very powerful and flexible. It can be used as a web development platform or as a simple blog. A word of caution: developing websites can get complicated and overwhelming. Hire a WordPress developer Calgary if you need support.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a robust and flexible platform. It has quite a few advantages over traditional HTML (Bootstrap) websites. Some of the most common advantages are:

  1. Clients can add and maintain their own content.
  2. Blogging platform is closely integrated with the rest of the website.
  3. Thousands of plugins available to extend the functionality of the website. No need to hire an app development company.
  4. No coding / programming required to develop and maintain a WordPress website.
  5. WordPress is the best solution for SEO. Clients can create content with ease and automate SEO tasks. Learn more about our SEO services.

Why you should work with a professional WordPress Developer

When a company or individual decides to make a website, generally one of two things will happen. Some people will swing over to a website builder and forge out a quick and basic page.

While this can be great to get your website up and running quickly, it still means that you will be confined to using a basic template. Depending on how you intend to use your website, this might be enough—or it might be a great starting point. But, if you want real results, it can really pay to work with a professional WordPress developer Calgary company.


Working with a professional WordPress designer

Working with a professional WordPress designer can have some pretty big perks. First, you get to have a completely original website. Website builders are great for making a generic website, but most businesses prefer to be more unique.

Allowing a professional website designer to build your website means that you can have a website that is purely your own. It is a great way to guarantee that your website matches your brand—and it makes it easy for you to get the right functionality too! If you want to build your own WordPress website, check out our WordPress course.

How Clio helps Calgary companies

We absolutely love working with other locals. As Calgary residents ourselves, we are always looking for new ways to give back. One way that we do this is by giving back to local businesses in our area.

We personally love working with other Calgary businesses because we believe that when Calgary businesses thrive, we all do. It is our pleasure to work with local businesses as a WordPress developer, and we pride ourselves on serving them well.

Calgary focused WordPress developer

So, how exactly are we helping businesses in Calgary? Is it really just WordPress website design? The answer is both yes and no. We specialize in WordPress website design, but website design doesn’t just mean giving a business a website.

Good design means being able to take the time to focus on what a business needs—and helping them to achieve their goals. this is at the core of our WordPress developer Calgary service. With excellent web design, we are able to do much more than provide a website. We help our clients to get more customers and boost their sales too. There are a number of great benefits that a good website can offer!

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WordPress Support and Maintenance Plans

Your website shouldn’t be keeping you up at night. Let us manage your WordPress website and make sure that it’s secure, up to date, and generating leads. See how you can benefit from our premier WordPress Developer Calgary services.

You can subscribe to one of the following plans by contacting us.


Website Maintenance Plan - Silver

Monthly (CAD)

Included premium plugins:


Website Maintenance Plan - Gold

Monthly (CAD)

Included premium plugins:


Website Maintenance Plan - Platinum

Monthly (CAD)

Included premium plugins:

The benefits of custom WordPress web design

Custom web design isn’t just about having a website made. It is about having a website that is made specifically for your business. While a lot of website owners can get away with a lot of general functionality, that isn’t always the case—and frankly, it is a little boring. Do you want a generic website that looks like everyone else’s—or do you want a website that really engages your audience? While a simple website can do the trick, it probably won’t speak to the best interest of your business. Hire a WordPress developer Calgary to make your website pop.

Custom WordPress Website

Having a custom website can have a lot of really great effects. First, it will make your customers more interested and engaged. A nice website makes your business worth looking at. Then, it will make your website more credible. Customers will be more interested in wanting to work with you or support you. Finally, it allows you to easily meet the needs of your audience. With a custom website, you can ensure that your website has everything it needs to stand out and perform well!

Why Clio Websites – We are WordPress Experts

Clio Websites is a full service website design agency in Calgary. We have been developing and maintaining WordPress websites since 2011.

We have vast experience in responsive website design, website maintenance, WordPress development and support, and online marketing. Clio offers free consultations, and free website evaluations to help you get started. We are always available and happy to answer any questions you may have, so please contact us to find out more. 

What sets us apart

Clio offers interest-free payment plans and we receive glowing reviews from our clients. Here are a few things that set us apart from the competition.


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WordPress Developer Calgary FAQs

This is a great question and we get asked this one a lot. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that comes with blogging capabilities (out of the box). HTML websites usually don’t have blogging capabilities but are responsive and offer other benefits. We previously wrote about  the major differences between the two platforms

No, you don’t need to know how to code/program in order to maintain a WordPress website. Most of the work can be done using a visual web builder. The one we use is Elementor which is the most popular web builder for WordPress.

The main reason you want to keep your WordPress website up to date is due to security and performance. A website that is not up to date is more susceptible to getting hacked. Also, some components and functionality of the website may fail. You can outsource this to a premium WordPress Developer Calgary agency.

Anyone can click on the “update plugin” WordPress buttons. But what happens when something breaks or doesn’t work properly with the rest of the website? This is where a WordPress developer Calgary expert can come in handy.

We will make sure that your updates are tested and any issues are resolved.

We will scan your website for any threats/attacks and check your spam settings. We will mitigate any threats that your site might be facing.

The last thing you want to do is check your website every minute to make sure it’s accessible. Or worse, find out from your clients that your website is down. Using our tools we will make sure that your website is up and working and jump on resolving any outages before you even notice. Additional charges may apply for troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Backups provided by your host may or may not be sufficient. We will ensure that your website is backed up daily (in the google cloud) so that it can be restored if something goes wrong.

Website caching improves the speed and performance of your website. It’s a must for WordPress websites! We will setup and configure your caching plugin to make sure that your website is performing and responding quickly.

A content delivery network (CDN) is a way to serve your website based on your users geographical location using a distributed server infrastructure. If you would like to find out more about CDN check out Cloudflare’s CDN page. We will setup your CDN and make sure that its working properly. This will also provide an extra layer of security protection for your website.

We have a lot of experience supporting WooCommerce websites. WooCommerce is a complex system and making sure that it’s working well with your other plugins and functionality is critical. We will make sure that your WooCommerce implementation is playing well with the rest of your website after updates.

We will ensure that we respond to all website support inquiries within 24 hours.

Website performance is really important. Most visitors will leave your website if they have to wait longer than 3 seconds for the website to load on their mobile device. We will make sure that your website is loading quickly and monitor this performance on a weekly basis. Contact us to see an example of a website performance report.

You can use WordPress support hours to resolve any performance or website issues. Troubleshooting and resolving issues is typically not covered by the standard maintenance plan.

Use the WordPress development hours to add new features, functionality, or content to your website. These hours can be used for tasks not covered by the standard maintenance plan. 

Duplicator Pro – robust backup and restore plugin

Perfmatters – premium WordPress performance plugin to improve the speed of your website

Formidable – powerful WordPress forms plugin

Elementor Pro – pro version of the most popular visual WordPress website designer

CleanTalk Pro (anti-spam) – premium anti-spam protection for your WordPress website

Clio Websites is a premier Calgary WordPress developer agency that has a proven track record and glowing reviews. We have been building and maintaining WordPress websites since 2011. We are Calgary based WordPress experts and love helping small businesses. Contact us today to get started.

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Darko is a talented WordPress developer who loves to build responsive websites using Elementor. He has been with Clio Websites since 2021 and enjoys contributing WordPress articles and other types of content that our visitors love to read and share with their peers.

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