How We Redesigned the Ness Website

In this case study, we discuss how we redesigned a major credit card company website called Ness which was receiving over 50K visits per month.

Topline Stats

  • Redesigned the website using Elementor to make it easy for the content team to publish blogs and focus on growth.
  • Improved technical SEO score to over 90%, ‘Excellent’.
  • Fixed hidden functionality issues preventing pages from indexing and increasing the overall website traffic.

“Nat and his team have been a complete joy to work with. They are fast, reliable, and extremely communicative. We’re grateful to have found them and for all the work they’ve done. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for an awesome web design team— they’re great!”

Kenneth So, Co-Founder, Ness Well Inc.

The redesigned Ness Website:

YouTube video
Ness Website New Design

The Challenge

Ness Well Inc. was a US-based credit card company focused on creating a credit card with a mission of realizing a world where everyone can afford to be healthy by collecting points and using those points toward health products and services.

Their original website was really hard to update because everything was custom coded and their marketing and internal design team didn’t have much flexibility.

The initial design was also dated:


In addition, some of the pages were not getting indexed due to technical SEO issues.

That was where Clio Websites came in to offer our expertise in custom WordPress development and set them up for SEO success. 

The Solution

We created a three-step plan:

  1. Perform high-level audits to identify the major SEO issues
  2. Recommend best practices to fix issues 
  3. Redevelop the new WordPress website based on the new design from the client

Fixed technical SEO issues

Using Ahrefs, we found that Ness already had a decent SEO score. We also found some easy wins to improve from a technical SEO standpoint when we performed the audit. 

Following technical SEO best practices helps search engines understand your website better and leads to a higher ranking.

The focus areas that were resolved during the technical SEO improvements were:

  • Fixing 404 errors and fixing broken links
  • Making sure that the meta descriptions were filled out
  • Limiting duplicate content
  • Tuning and shrinking images for faster speed and better performance

With these quick fixes, we improved the technical SEO score to ‘Excellent’.

Redeveloped the website using Elementor

To address the issue of the client not being able to update content and roll out new functionality easily, we redeveloped the website using Elementor.

This gave the team the flexibility to update almost everything and create new sections and design components easily.

The home page, inner pages, blog and blog posts were all redesigned for maximum appeal and flexibility.

The Results

We redesigned the website to meet all of the client’s requirements and created one of the best-looking websites in our portfolio.

How we redesigned the Ness website case study is just one of the many examples of how we help businesses put their websites to work. If you have any questions or want us to replicate these results for your website, get in touch with us.

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