Restaurant Theme

Are you building an Elementor website for a restaurant?

Need inspiration or a ready-made theme?

Our developers made this super fast and modern Elementor based restaurant theme.

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Home Page

Modern and functional home page.

Showcase the food that your restaurant offers in a professional, trustworthy, and attractive way. Tell the story about your restaurant to attract new visitors. 

There is a blog post section for your marketing activities, and to help you provide additional value to potential customers.

This theme also has multiple call to action sections to maximize conversions and bring in new visitors. 


The Menu page gives you a more detailed overview of the dishes that your restaurant offers.


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Download This Theme

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Blog Single Post Page

Clear, simple, and SEO friendly blog single post page.

Drive additional traffic to your site and convert visitors into patrons.

Blog pages also have a section with the services you offer, a table of contents, as well as a CTA.

Other Pages and Templates

This theme also comes with additional pages, such as About Ss, where you can provide more detail about your restaurant, equipment, and staff.

The theme also includes a contact page and a blog archive of all your blog posts.

Header and footer templates are ready, but note that you need to activate Elementor Pro for this functionality.

A 404 page is also included.

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Ready to Use

The import process only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve loaded the site kit, the global styles and pages will be immediately added to your site, ready for you to change and adapt to your needs.

Easy Import in 6 Steps

  1. Navigate to your website Admin Screen.
    • Install the free Elementor plugin (if it’s not already installed).
  2. Optional: Install the Hello by Elementor theme.
  3. Navigate to Elementor > Settings and click on Features.
    • Switch Flexbox Container to Active and click on Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.
    • Optional: Turn on the first four Stable Features.
  4. Open the Elementor tab, and select Tools.
  5. Click on Import/Export Kit.
  6. Import the theme (zip file) that you downloaded from our website.


  • Some features and edit options will also require that you have Elementor Pro (such as header and footer options). Please use our affiliate link if you need to buy Elementor Pro.
  • Elementor Site Kit will add new templates and pages to your website.
  • No warranty or support is available unless you are a Clio Websites client.

Create Better Websites With Our Free Elementor Themes

Our free Elementor restaurant theme has an industry-standard website structure and uses the new Flexbox containers.

It comes with basic pages pre-built such as home, menu, about us, contact, and blog. Free Elementor themes also include basic templates such as blog single page, 404 page, as well as header and footer.

We made it easy to add new pages and content, as well as adjust the existing ones, following the styles of the site which are defined in the theme.

Responsive Design

Our themes are responsive and adapted for all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile.

SEO Friendly

Our themes come with a basic on-page SEO structure in place, with a good utilization of semantic HTML tags.

Fast and Reliable

Fast and reliable, without bloated elements and unnecessary code.

Built with Flex

We are using the new Flex functionality in Elementor to ensure that the websites are fast and efficient.

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Outstanding Performance

Our Free Restaurant Elementor Theme is optimized for performance. The numbers prove it.





A Grade


Optimized for SEO

Our Free Restaurant Elementor Theme is optimized for SEO performance. The technical SEO audit proves it.

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Get your Free Elementor Restaurant Theme


Our header and footer are created using Elementor Pro. If you don’t have Elementor Pro, these components won’t work. 

Try importing the website again.

Make sure that you are following all of the install instructions.

Try installing and activating the Hello by Elementor theme. 

If the pages or sections are not showing up, you most likely didn’t enable the Flex container support prior to importing. 

Please enable Flex Container and Grid Container and try importing again.

Please note that this is a an Elementor site kit and not a theme. 

You have to import the contents of the site using Elementor’s site kit. Please follow the instructions on this page.