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9 Awesome Websites to Get Free Images for WordPress


In this article, we will show you how to use these 9 awesome websites to get free images for WordPress.


With the arrival of WordPress, making a website has become really easy. A few basic steps and your website is ready, without the need for any technical experience. If you need help creating a website, check our out WordPress development services.

However, to make a website that stands out from the crowd, you need excellent content and a good presentation. Well-written content and high-quality images complement each other quite well. If either of the two is missing, the website looks out of place. 

Most people can produce high-standard written copy but compromise on photos due to budgetary constraints. They’re often unable to afford a professional photographer to take pictures for them. However, you can buy professionally taken photos online for some excellent prices.

You can also:

Get High-Quality Images for Free!

That’s true! You can get high-quality for absolutely free. There is no need to hire professional photographers. We have populated a list of websites that offer free stock photos. Most of the sites on the list allow commercial use of their assets.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list and see where you can get free images for WordPress. 

  1. Unsplash
9 awesome websites to get free images for WordPress - unsplash screenshot

Unsplash has millions of free-to-use assets available that can be used for all kinds of projects. The website has its own license, similar to the creative commons. You can use the assets for commercial purposes as well without any attributions. 

Whether you need images of nature, skylines of megacities, or looking for some smiling faces for your WordPress website, you can find everything in their collection. Monthly downloads from the website have crossed the 90 million mark. 

  1. Pexels
9 awesome websites to get free images for WordPress - pexels screenshot

Pexels has over three million assets, with the library growing significantly every month. You can use the photos and other assets on the website without attributing them to the site or the photographer. However, Pexels encourages users to attribute the images to the site and the photographer for ethical reasons.

The photos and videos are high-quality, and you can always find something that suits your needs. You can also use them in commercial projects. However, you cannot resell the images or use them for logos. 

  1. Pixabay
9 awesome websites to get free images for WordPress - pixabay screenshot

Berlin-based Pixabay offers over 2.5 million images, vectors, and illustrations. These images are licensed royalty-free and can be used for all kinds of projects. The high-quality photos are perfect for your WordPress website, with a large variety to choose from. 

You can use these images any way you want except for some restrictions. These include reselling these images, selling unaltered copies such as posters and printed mugs, and negatively portraying anyone in the pictures. Much like other similar platforms, attribution to the website or the photographer is not required. 

Pro Tip:

It is essential to learn more about the correct image dimensions for your WordPress website. This will make your WordPress website look professional and more appealing.  

  1. Flickr: Creative Commons
flikr screenshot

The images from Flickr Creative Commons are ideal for commercial and noncommercial projects. There are multiple types of licenses available under the banner, and you can choose one that suits your particular needs. You need to attribute the photos from Flickr CC. 

The library has millions of images, and you can find the ones suited to your website’s needs. You may need additional permissions for using the photos for commercial projects due to the license restrictions.   

  1. FreeImages
freeimages screenshot

The FreeImages has high-quality photographs available for free use, as the name implies. The photos are categorized pretty well to help the users find what they’re looking for with ease. You can carry out niche-specific searches to get the desired assets. 

The photos are ideal for both commercial and noncommercial purposes. You can pretty much find any image for your websites and blogs on different topics.  

  1. PikWizard
pikwizard screenshot

The PikWizard platform has over a million images, videos, and graphics. They offer 4K assets for free as well. The images have a free license which means that you can use them for commercial and noncommercial uses with a few restrictions. 

The library is grouped into popular categories to help the users find what they’re looking for. Overall, the collection is known for its high quality and the availability of much-needed variety. You can also get information about downloads of individual images, which helps avoid overused photos.  

  1. BarnImages 
barnimages screenshot

The BarnImages website has a pretty decent collection of images, and new ones are added every week. The photos on the website are unique and you will find resources on unlimited categories to suit your page. 

The assets are available for commercial and noncommercial purposes, making them ideal for a website. The photos are free, but you can financially contribute to the page.  

9 awesome websites to get free images for WordPress - stocksnap screenshot

The offers a creative commons license, and images can be used for noncommercial and commercial purposes. The library is divided into easy-to-search categories to create ease for the users. 

Very high-quality images are available on, and you can generally find the ones you need for your website easily. Although the library is not as humongous as some of the earlier names on the list, the assets available are pretty helpful. 

  1. Life of Pix 
life of pix screenshot

The Life of Pix free stock photo site is known for frequently adding high-quality images. The photos available are taken by the website’s network of photographers. 

The images can be freely used both for commercial and noncommercial endeavors. You can also contribute photos to the website. 

Free images for WordPress – The Bottom Line

Quite a few platforms offer high-quality images for free, which can be used for a WordPress website. Most of these sites also allow commercial uses of their assets as well, which can be highly beneficial.

The key is to search these websites for unique images thoroughly. If you want to get photos that suit your website, you must put in some time and effort. Also, it is essential that you also pay attention to the smaller platforms since they often offer better quality and niche-specific photos. 

You can utilize free stock photo platforms and add some fantastic snaps to your website. The end results most certainly make the effort worthwhile. 

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Nat Miletic is the founder of Clio Websites, a Calgary-based web design company. Nat writes about WordPress, SEO, and responsive web design.

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