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7 Tips to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Using Images


Seeing is believing stands true even in terms of the virtual world. Images on websites bring life to the content and make it appealing. Aside from making a web page vibrant, you can also use images to increase your website’s conversion rate, and consequently, bring in more profit.

Although most marketers are aware of the significance of digital marketing, they do not know that they can use images to boost their websites’ conversion rates. 

Consumers want to view and experience commodities before purchasing them. Images on web pages engage people and communicate in a better way. Choosing the right photos and considering their dimension, format, content, and appropriate placement can dramatically impact your conversions.

In this post, we’ll give you some tips that can increase your website conversion rate using images.


Studies have proven that marketers target audiences’ emotions to make them take the desired action. In the virtual world, you can integrate images to engage audiences’ senses and help them imagine the experience with the products. It evokes people’s imagination, and the effective use of images can help marketers sell their products. 

For example, consider the image below used by Human Touch – a company that sells wellness products.


The image depicts a sense of comfort and ease when using the massage chair. Such images trigger the audience’s emotions and entice them towards getting more details of the product. If you positively use emotions, the chances of the visitors making the purchase also increase. Tapping into emotions is a great way to increase website conversion rate using images.


The digital media landscape is constantly evolving. Stay updated with the current trends to attract more customers.  

The web 1.0 era is long gone, and people no longer find bad stock photos enticing. Analyze stock photos and see if they will help you in building your positive image. 

You should avoid using stock images that are overused and not relevant to your content.

While it’s best to take photos yourself or hire a professional photographer, not everyone has the time or resources to do it. 

You should be using original pictures of your products. But you can consider purchasing stock images to complement your product photos. You can modify these images according to your requirements to help hit the audience’s emotions.


Larger-than-life pictures have a profound effect on people, as compared to low-quality images.

You should look to post more than one image and from different angles to provide your consumers a 360-degree view of your products. Integrate a feature that allows users to zoom in on the picture and view from all directions.

You need to be vigilant while using larger images and should not push them into people’s eyes. The idea is to sell the product without forcing it.

According to a Case Study, when Skinner Auctions used larger images in their online catalog, it enticed 63% more users to click and initiate the bidding process.

Although enlarging the images pushed the content down, the results were outstanding. 


You can increase the conversion rates of your website by infusing human faces into your content. The truth is no matter how advanced technology becomes, nothing can replace the impact of human touch. 

Human faces in images make the content real and relatable for audiences. For example, KFC keeps its founder Colonel Sanders’ face as its mascot. It has become KFC’s brand identity.


People worldwide can determine that the chicken in a bucket with Sanders’s face is from KFC.

According to VWO, a user conducted a test to check if changing the contact icon with his own photo would lead to more users contacting him. The below screenshot shows it leads to a 48.6% increase in conversion rate.



According to a study, clients’ feedback increased sales by 34%.

Modern customers are smart and are aware of marketing tactics. Still, they find other customers’ reviews believable. You can ask your customers for a testimonial along with their image.

Use your customers’ positive reviews as your strength and post them with their photos. These testimonials also boost your website’s credibility. Reviews are social proof that the product is useful and fulfills what it promises.

Sprout Social, a company in Chicago, uses customers’ feedback with their photos on their homepage and entices audiences to check out their services.



Quality often comes with a price. You may find a relevant photo for free, but its quality can drastically affect your website’s conversion rate.

Ensure that you are integrating images in high-resolution that are shot using appropriate lighting. The image must not look staged and should give an illusion of a real-life situation.

Using images that audiences find believable can make a difference to your website’s conversion rate.

Relevant and quality images convey the message precisely and succeed in engaging customers’ emotions. McDonald’s burgers and fries appear tempting in photographs and manage to tantalize people’s taste buds even through online marketing. 



Intelligent use of images can draw attention directly towards the products. Proper lighting and placement of products can either draw attention towards or away from what you are offering.

product image

This picture is simple and focuses on a Nike Sneaker. Dull hues around it make the product more appealing and catch all the attention of the consumers. Furthermore, the Swoosh is prominent, making the shoe speak for its brand.                                                  


Webpages devoid of images appear dull and fail to attract an audience. Several marketers believe that image integration is all about using pictures in context; however, there is more to it.

Images can change the game of website rankings and improve their performance. The Internet has a plethora of pictures on almost every topic. Marketers can either select an image from the Internet or be creative and use their own photographs.

Considering the elements mentioned earlier, you can increase your website conversion rate by intelligently using pictures.

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