Why WooCommerce is The Most Affordable eCommerce Website Platform


Why is WooCommerce the most affordable ecommerce website platform? Let’s find out! 

As technology continues to advance, an increasing number of physical stores are establishing an online presence. Technology has also advanced in the eCommerce sector, and new businesses and startups are juggling a variety of platforms to find the most effective and user-friendly options.

WooCommerce is the most approachable eCommerce platform out of all available, and it can be used by any business selling any kind of product. When companies employ WooCommerce developers to build their online stores, they establish the best and most popular marketplace to sell their goods.

What is WooCommerce?

One of the best WordPress plugins is called WooCommerce. This plugin will convert a standard website into an online store. It was introduced in 2015 as an open-source plugin.

In this article, you will learn why business owners should utilize WooCommerce to build an interactive eCommerce website.

Brief History of WooCommerce

The WooThemes firm is where the WooCommerce plugin first appeared. Mark Forrester, Magnus Jepson, and Adii Pienaar formed the high-end WordPress theme business WooThemes.

James Koster and Mike Jolley, two developers, were later added to the team to work on WooCommerce. They were developing Jigoshop, a platform for online stores.

When WooCommerce’s initial version was introduced in 2011, it quickly gained enormous popularity. Within two years, it had received 1 million downloads. WooCommerce reached 4 million downloads in 2014.

The expansion of this product impressed Automattic, which bought it from WooThemes in 2015. Since acquiring this plugin, Automattic has risen to the top of the WooCommerce development industry.

WooCommerce experienced a dramatic download increase the year after Automattic acquired it, reaching over 7 million. More than 22% of the top 1 million WooCommerce-based websites and 28% of all online eCommerce stores have been powered by it.


What Can WooCommerce Do?

The WooCommerce plugin’s primary goal is to enable the creation of an online store. Here are a few online income sources you can create with WooCommerce.

Create a Website to Sell Your Physical Goods

You may use WooCommerce to sell any product online to domestic and foreign customers. To have shipping charges calculated automatically at checkout, you must define the shipping zones.

The tax rates vary depending on the nation. It could be pretty challenging to set this up yourself in a way that complies with all the legal requirements. A plugin can take care of these difficulties automatically. In the past, setting up online payment options was challenging. With WooCommerce, you can easily add a variety of payment processors, including Stripe and PayPal’s direct integration.

WooCommerce simplifies things for you as a seller and helps you take credit card payments.

Selling Digital Products

WooCommerce offers an integrated feature to access downloadable products, enabling you to sell digital goods or downloads. You can post the item as “Virtual” to calculate no shipping charges if you want to sell digital goods.

Setting the good or service as “Downloadable” and uploading the necessary files are the following steps. You may now launch your digital goods sales!

Set up a Service-Based Store

Utilizing WooCommerce, service-based businesses may open shop. The use of specific extensions, such as appointment and booking extensions, is necessary to build a service-based store.

A service-based online store can benefit your company in several ways.

  • It facilitates clients’ ability to schedule services whenever they want.
  • It lowers the price of making payments.
  • You may enable appointments and bookings online thanks to various free and expensive plugins.

Set up a Membership Site

You can use WooCommerce membership plugins if you sell information such as digital courses, membership courses, or eLearning resources. WooCommerce is one of the most affordable ecommerce website platforms for membership sites.

We strongly advise developing a user base to boost revenue and provide devoted consumers with even more value.

Set up a Subscription-Based Store

The subscription-based structure is the preferred mode of operation. Users profit from subscriptions because they are typically less expensive per month than purchasing a lifetime license.

In the long run, retaining consumers is more beneficial than encouraging one-time purchases. To accomplish this, you need a subscription box where prospective subscribers may sign up after you figure out the mechanics of supply and shipping.


Free WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce is based on WordPress, as previously indicated. Utilize content editing tools at your disposal to the fullest extent for your blog and other websites. One of the numerous advantages of WooCommerce is the simplicity with which you can manage your WordPress and eCommerce websites using the same user-friendly CMS system.

Other platforms could offer fewer possibilities for including content-rich subpages. Meanwhile, WooCommerce is fantastic if you want to build a business website with eCommerce features.

Complete Control of your Data

There is always a chance that data on third-party eCommerce sites will be lost if the platform shuts down. Occasionally, it might also make your website subject to their party’s terms, making it very tough to obtain data.

WooCommerce is aware of the value of client purchase and order history data for you and your customers. So if a third-party eCommerce platform, vendor, or service provider goes down, WooCommerce provides a backup platform.

WooCommerce is the Cost-Effective Solution

When making selections, the cost is a key consideration. Since WooCommerce is a WordPress open-source plugin, it can be downloaded for free.

Your website can be made responsive for all types of devices by hiring WooCommerce developers at very reasonable costs. It is more dependable & versatile for the development of eCommerce businesses thanks to its advanced features of plugins, free themes, etc.

Customization of the StoreFront

WooCommerce offers a vast selection of both free and premium themes. Free themes can be quickly installed for all product niches to build an online storefront.

Hiring a WooCommerce developer can alter the design to suit your company’s needs. The personalized design of the online store affects customer purchases. Additionally, it benefits the company by helping it stand out from the competition.

Advanced Built-in Plugins

One of WooCommerce’s main advantages is the simplicity of modification. By using either free or commercial plugins, one can enhance the functionality and general quality of the website. A group of skilled WordPress developers can assist you in efficiently implementing all the required customizations. Overall, it is an excellent option for businesses who want to reap the rewards of having an online store without spending much money on it.

Using plugins, you can enhance the website’s general functionality, loading speed, SEO, and other aspects. You can utilize numerous plugins to improve the overall user experience, including automatically recognizing locations, boosting SEO, geolocation for payments, and many others.

But remember that these extra features might rapidly move from free to relatively expensive. So, discuss a budget for building up your eCommerce platform with your WordPress developer. These additional plugins can be a terrific investment to give your visitors a flawless experience.

Powerful & Effective Analytics

Ecommerce analytics, one of the most crucial resources for an online store, are utilized by all business owners. Today, many paid and free analysis tools are accessible that may give you complete results for your e-commerce website. On the other hand, small businesses struggle to manage complex analytics interfaces, which could stunt the development of their startup business.

An intuitive dashboard like WooCommerce analytics makes it simple for any organization to uncover potential customer behavior and specifics. Every business wants to stay in touch with its customers. Therefore it’s essential to track down visits and gather data. WooCommerce has established itself as a reliable analytics reporting e-commerce platform at a reasonable price. It helps business owners understand how potential customers engage with their establishment and its goods.

Inventory Management 

An online store must have effective inventory management. Store proprietors can identify and monitor stock levels with their assistance. Many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars managing the inventory of their online stores. But paying those huge sums makes it challenging for a firm in its early stages to manage its inventory.

However, the unique and well-liked inventory management system of WooCommerce enables you to monitor stock levels and update stock reports following refunds and purchases. You can receive notifications from WooCommerce inventory management when a product’s stock is running low or out. A product that is out of stock is automatically hidden from the store via its built-in management.

WooCommerce and Product tabs on the dashboard, WooCommerce enables you to manage and control your inventory. You may get all the information about your stock via this tab. Refunds, orders, emails, and anything else that can help your online business succeed are managed by WooCommerce as well.


An ecommerce website won’t be efficient and effective until it is fully promoted. One of the crucial components of any business that aids in raising awareness and luring new clients is marketing. With the help of WooCommerce capabilities, you may market your store’s merchandise by holding various sales to boost your company’s revenue.

You may run coupon campaigns, create discount choices, and advertise your products’ sales using WooCommerce tools. To run a profitable business, Woocommerce ensures their users don’t cut corners when selling their products. Even free delivery alternatives can be made available through coupons to attract customers to your online company. With its sophisticated feature, you may give your coupons an expiration date.

Reviews are crucial in persuading customers to purchase your goods. Additionally, WooCommers advanced enables you to display the verified customer’s label to your store’s visitors. You can utilize a variety of plugins in WooCommerce, such as Smart Coupons, Cart Add-ons, Social Media Integration, Follow-up Emails, etc., in addition to adding coupons and customer labels. These add-ons will support your product marketing efforts.


Very Familiar & User Friendly

The best content management system (CMS) in the world is WordPress. WooCommerce is the most accessible eCommerce platform that most non-technical people can use. WooCommerce’s user-friendly admin panel makes it simple to adjust a product’s status without the help of a specialist.

Search Engine Friendly Platform 

A website’s placement on the search engine results page is greatly influenced by SEO. Getting your product and website listed in SERP is crucial to increase traffic to your online store’s merchandise.

With WooCommerce, WordPress simplifies the process for companies to rate their products. WooCommerce is a search engine-friendly eCommerce platform by default because WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS platform. You may improve the SEO of your e-commerce website by following a few guidelines.

  • Be sure to give each item in your online store a product description.
  • Always make sure to improve your page title. Don’t forget to provide breadcrumbs since it benefits people and search engines.
  • Make the navigation on your website simple and hassle-free.
  • Put a meta description in place for each product.
  • By including alt text, you can improve your image.
  • Avoid repeating text on many pages.
  • To evaluate how well your page and product are performing, use SEO plugins like Rank Math.

Stable Platform with Excellent Customer support

Every small and large business chooses WooCommerce as their first option regarding stability. Compared to other platforms, its strength is not affected by its extensive features. Woocommerce is regarded as one of the most reliable and bug-free platforms. Yes, there were some functional problems in the initial version. Still, WooCommerce is getting stronger with each update and demonstrating its ability to be stable for all kinds of websites.

WordPress and WooCommerce are open-source platforms available to a large developer community. It is the most accessible e-commerce platform worldwide because of its customer support. You can install and furnish your store with its assistance. You’ll get assistance from the WooCommerce customer and technical support staff in resolving any issues.

Occasionally, you could get stuck setting up the payment gateway or managing your inventory. You don’t need to worry because WooCommerce offers video tutorials and FAQs to assist users in resolving any store setup-related issues.

Wide Selection of Themes

First impressions count. Therefore it’s important to choose a compelling theme that draws visitors in and keeps them there for a while. One cannot dispute that WooCommerce provides several free to premium themes that are sure to please.

Did you know that the WooCommerce Theme store offers 38 different themes? The theme store provides many possibilities for setting up your website across various sectors. Additionally, one may choose from different themes accessible on various platforms. For WooCommerce, there are more than a thousand completely functional themes available; you can even browse a few of these themes here.

Choosing a theme can be simple, but modifying it might be difficult. You can also modify the theme by altering the default CSS styles. Therefore, it is best to rely on your experienced WordPress developer for theme customization for WooCommerce platforms!

Final Thoughts

More excellent justifications exist for using WooCommerce in the creation of eCommerce websites.

WooCommerce is brimming with cutting-edge features that make it the go-to place for merchants, startups, & entrepreneurs to establish their online presence with beautiful design & reliable technology.

How Clio Can Help

We have been building eCommerce websites for years using WordPress and WooCommerce. We love helping clients by launching the most affordable ecommerce websites that will outwork and outrank your competition.

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