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In this article, we provide our top tips for improving web design for family lawyer businesses.


As a lawyer, you know that nothing is more important than professionalism, confidence, and the first impression that a business provides. Legal practices, like any other kind of business, need stunning modern websites to establish a good connection with potential clients.

Since the average client will likely review your website to determine if you are the right fit, it is important to show them that you are a competent team of industry professionals who can help them to handle their legal matters.

In this article, we will discuss some effective web design tips for legal practices.

Clean, Professional Design

From a design perspective, your ultimate goal is to create a professional and clean appearance. This means that you want a clean and open design that is completely free of clutter. Your website should look just as organized as your case notes because that is what your clients will be thinking of.

Show them how clear and concise you can be through your landing page and other important pages on your website. A crisp landing page will help your web design for family lawyer project really stand out.


Professional and Approachable Color Themes

As a law office, you want to maintain a special degree of professionalism. Unlike other industries that focus on flashy modern design, the law is meant to be mature, professional, and absolute.

Show this image to your clients by providing them with neutral and approachable colors that help them to take you seriously. Black, white, grays, and even dark reds or blues can be a good match. Avoid bright colors that will make your page seem unprofessional or too playful.

Sharp Font Choices

The law is murky and difficult to navigate for the average person, but as a legal professional, you can see it clearly. This is likely why the majority of law firms lean towards sharper serif fonts to show that they are straightforward and professional. Avoid smooth or overly artistic font choices.

Crisp and Professional Images

For legal practices, the right images can really instill confidence. It is common for legal practices to show images of their offices, images that are law-themed in nature, or person-focused images that remind your clients that you are there to support them.

Make sure that your photos are high in quality and not too loud in tone. If you don’t have any custom photography, check out a site like Pexels where you can download images for free.

Professional and good-looking images can make or break your web design for family lawyer project.


Customer Reviews

If there is one field that can benefit from sharing reviews, it is the law industry. Your clients want to know that you have helped other clients before them and been successful with it. With permission from your clients, it can be incredibly effective to share case studies, success stories, and reviews.

Positive user reviews and testimonials are key for any small business, but especially for services where clients are hiring you to represent some of the most important aspects of their life, such as family law.

Web Design for Family Lawyer – Conclusion

In the same way that you would when meeting a client face to face, your entire goal is to show your clients that they can trust you. Everything about your website should instill confidence, encourage comfort, and demonstrate that you know your craft.

Make sure that it is plainly visible on your website that you are the right group to help clients improve their lives and navigate difficult circumstances. Keep everything clean, even, concise, and deliberate. Your website is just another way to show potential clients that you are the group they have been waiting for.


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