How Partnering with a Writer Can Transform Your Business


No matter what you do, your business lives online. People search for you on Google, they find you on social media, or they visit your website for more information. But what drives these business channels? 

Effective writing. 

The business landscape is highly competitive, and your customers have short attention spans. That’s why consistent content is critical to captivating your audience and generating business. 

But you can’t do it alone, and you need a great writer to support your strategy.

A professional writer can communicate your value effectively across dozens of mediums. An expert knows how to connect with your prospects, help you land more sales, and fuel your business growth.

In this article, we’ll dive into how a writer can transform your business and how to find the right one. 

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Developing a Strong Content Marketing Strategy 

Content marketing is powerful in driving traffic, engaging customers, and fortifying brand awareness. 

However, crafting consistently unique content can be time-consuming for business leaders juggling countless responsibilities. 

Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s impossible to match a professional writer’s experience and skills. They’ve spent thousands of hours honing their craft of clear communication. And they can help generate a strategy that reaches your target audience.

Below are a few content marketing tactics they can implement for your business:

1. Social media posts

Your writer can develop content for your social media channels. They can write excellent material for Instagram posts while encouraging followers to take action. Or, they can write captivating posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook– depending on where your customers and audience spend their time.

2. Blog articles

Content writers can develop discoverable and valuable content for your blog. They can create different strategies based on your customer’s journey– from education to purchase. If you hire a content writer versed in SEO, it also helps with discoverability on search engines.

a Writer Can Transform Your Business

3. Email newsletters

Newsletters can be so much more than occasional announcements and promotions. They can be a thriving, growing newsletter that fosters community. Writers can lead your newsletter strategy, offering your customers tangible value so they continue to be loyal to your brand and spread the word.

email newsletter

4. Video scripts

You can create powerful media with scripts crafted word-by-word, directed towards a single action. Each video can have a purpose and communicate value. 

5. Repurposing material 

Everything that your writer develops can be repurposed into another medium. For example, a blog article can turn into dozens of posts on several social media platforms and be part of an email newsletter. Great content writers should have a flywheel strategy that uses every bit of their content and investment for a return. 

Creating a Strong Brand Voice

Think of the last time you wanted to do something fun. You may have wanted to rent a cabin in the woods or a boat. Then, think of a home emergency like a roof leak or a heater going out. When taking the first step, you have a person or business in mind to help in these scenarios. 

Not only is this a sign of good branding for that company, but it’s also the result of a good brand voice. 

  • You get excited, so you choose someone that can help make your wish a reality. 
  • You deal with an emergency, so you contact the person you know who could solve it quickly. 

In both these scenarios, the brand communicated and proved its value to you, and your emotions about them drove you to a decision.

How does someone feel when someone reads your emails, social media posts, or articles? 

Are they confused? Is the content positive and uplifting, or does it seem down and limiting? Do you portray yourself as the expert or as someone begging for business? 

Sometimes, in the bustle of business, we don’t notice how our words can negatively impact our brand. 

Great copywriters know exactly how to frame your messaging. They’ll create a guideline on how they will communicate with your customers and audience and the exact emotions (and actions) they expect from it.

Your partner writer can transform your ideas into coherent narratives, ensuring a seamless brand message across various platforms. 

The further they hone down your brand voice, the more surgical you can be with your sales funnel based on how you communicate and what actions you promote.

If done successfully, people will correlate your brand message positively and think of you the minute they need your business. 

Improving Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Without web pages and articles, few will find you on search engines. 

A content writer can help create compelling content written for SEO optimization while still providing value to readers. The more digital assets you produce, the more likely people will find you when searching for something relating to your business.

When you partner with a writer for your business, and you want to focus on SEO, ensure they are well-versed in it and are willing to shape their articles for discoverability.

Not only will they include the right keywords and subject matter, but they will ensure it’s valuable content and reads naturally to a human– unlike a lot of what’s on Google, where SEO is the star and not the buyer/reader. Content writers can optimize the article and still captivate the reader. 

The more relevant content you publish, the better chance you can make your footprint on search engines. Writers can help expedite your results. 

Professionally Communicate 

Your professional image is vital to your business. First impressions and perceived value can determine whether you gain a sale and how much someone is willing to pay for it. 

Your partnered writer will ensure all forms of communication are written grammatically, correctly, clearly, and concisely. 

But more importantly, they’ll asses each word and carefully craft your messages to ensure they mean precisely what you intend and what emotions or actions you want people to take.

A writer’s meticulous attention to detail can instill confidence and trust in your audience.

Partnering with a writer versed in public relations also benefits your business. If you ever encounter a problematic situation, they can help craft each word to communicate as emphatically and persuasively as possible. 

Effective Copywriting

When someone visits your website, no matter your industry, they should be motivated to purchase and act quickly. 

It might mean contacting you or setting up an online order right away. But either way, they should act on their visit. 

Copywriters study the psychology of consumers and help you make a sale through their writing. Copywriting is often defined as sales in print. And that’s exactly what a good writer can do for you.

They’ll look at your home page and find areas for improvement. They know a visitor shouldn’t be confused when they visit your site and should be driven to decide based on strong emotions brought on through powerful copy. 

Your partner writer can create new copy for your site and help monitor its results as you gather more data on visitor behavior. 

Copywriters can also help you craft promotional emails and ads for better results. 

A skilled writer understands the art of engaging and motivating your audience through the power of language, ultimately driving increased sales and revenue. 

Different Kinds of Writers: Which One Do You Choose?

There are many writers to choose from, like copywriters, content writers, social media writers, and more. 

You can choose to specialize in an area, but businesses have limited resources and every bit of energy counts. 

If you can find a writer specializing in your biggest output potential with some crossover writing skills, you can depend on them for many different types of writing and mediums. 

We recommend finding a copywriter to review your website and all brand channels. They can ensure you’re optimized for a sale or follow. Once you know your foundation is strong, you can find a content writer that helps you produce digital assets for your audience.

While you can find specialized writers in each category, like copywriting, content writing, or email writers, many professionals hold multiple skills. As a business with limited resources, finding a writer who specializes in one thing and has experience in other writing fields will give you more opportunities. 

Identifying the Right Professional 

When you’ve decided to partner with a writer for your business, search for writers on LinkedIn or through your network. Then, use the list below to help determine if they would be a good fit.

Checklist for finding the perfect partner writer for your business: review their work, study reviews, start small, ask for a strategy, evaluate.

1. Check out their work

Ask to see some samples or a portfolio. This will give you the best idea of what they will provide for you. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t look like quality, you can filter out that writer and continue your search.

2. Study reviews

Experienced writers have a track record. They should have reviews and comments all over the internet. Review them and see if customers are happy. After, review it again to identify common themes, things like how they communicate and work– if it appeals to you, you know you might have a candidate. 

3. Start small

It’s ok not to want to sign a big contract. You can ask for samples too, but that will never give you an authentic experience. The best way to know if you have the right writer is by starting with a small project. See what they develop and how they work with you. 

4. Ask for a strategy

Once you’ve completed the project, discuss strategies and long-term plans.

5. Evaluate their communication and business practices 

Throughout the process, you should know how the professional operates and the type of work they can produce. 

Getting Started

Before you produce content, you should have a clear strategy. You need a plan for optimizing your SEO and connecting with potential customers. 

Contact Clio Websites for an audit and more information about how to grow your business through content and a great plan. 

When you partner with Clio, you also have access to our vetted team of writers, so you don’t have to spend months searching for the right professional. 

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