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In this article, we will explore what you need to know about small business website packages. To get a free quote for your new website project, contact us today.

More and more people are using the Internet every day. 

In the past year alone, search engine queries have increased by 60%. As a result, businesses that don’t have a website might be getting left behind by the competition.

It’s clear that all businesses that want to grow need to have a strong online presence.

But how do you get started?

Why do small businesses need a website?

The internet has changed the way we do business. 

For example, if you were trying to grow your retail business 20 years ago, you would have had to invest in brick-and-mortar stores across the country to increase sales. 

Today, small businesses can have websites that can reach audiences of not just thousands or tens of thousands of people but millions of people.

A website is your new business card. 

You probably already know that you need one of those, even if it’s just a few words of copy on a little square of cardboard. 

Well, small businesses today are considered more legitimate when they have an actual website rather than just a social media page. 


A website looks more professional on its own than on socials, and it can do more than just provide contact information. 

It gives information about products, services, what the business is about, and why people should purchase or choose it instead of its competitors.


What should be included in small business website packages?

Developing a great website has more to do with creating a good user experience. 

And it doesn’t matter how great your products or services are if your site is a confusing, disorganized mess. 

Take a look around some of the big brands — every single one has a carefully crafted customer experience that’s evident from the moment you step onto their website. 

Plus, these companies have done their research and have tested various versions of their websites to find the most effective way to ensure visitors convert.

Your company’s website is the center of your web presence, both for your business and also for potential customers. 

It should be a representation of your company and be designed in such a way that it showcases all the things that make you different and desirable. 

This isn’t always apparent to small businesses, because it’s easier to get caught up in the design elements and making the site work for you rather than focusing on what makes sense to your customers.

To help ensure that your site gets the attention it deserves, we put together a list of key elements that a website should have. 

In short, if you want to build a successful online business, you need to make sure the foundation is strong. Just like a house that hasn’t been built on solid ground can fall unexpectedly, if your website isn’t built for success, you’re losing potential customers every hour you’re open.

To find out how much a website project costs, check out our website pricing article.

What are the key elements of a good website?

Social proof

Social proof is important for brands because customers are flooded with marketing messages every day. They know better than to trust ads or even what brands tell them. 

Trust comes from the masses, not the businesses themselves. And while social proof can be found in many places, online social proof marketing is fast becoming one of the most trustworthy sources of information.

Make sure you have a dedicated section where testimonials and reviews are displayed. Bonus points if those are in video format.

Clean design

Clean is a design principle. 

It’s about displaying the most important information first. This makes sense because website visitors will get what they need without scrolling down through your site or clicking any links.

Your customers’ first impression will change because you won’t fill their minds with information that doesn’t matter.

Make sure you also pay attention to:

  • Clear CTAs;
  • White space;
  • Easy-to-scan sections.

Good code

Your website, business, marketing plan…everything relies on one thing to execute itself; coding. 

When people go to your website they can see the final product but they will never see the code that makes it work. A computer does. 

If something is wrong with your site (and it happens more often than you think), then it can affect the entire user experience – from page speed to SEO.

Make sure your code is clean and doesn’t have any hidden bugs.


SEO isn’t just about rankings. It’s about reaching your target audience. 

That’s why building relationships with your industry peers, having the skills to answer questions with wisdom and advice and establishing yourself as an authority can all play a huge role in SEO. 

By helping others, they become more likely to return the favor with their time or through referral traffic which can lead to higher rankings and more conversions.

Your website should have a strong SEO foundation, both in terms of content and technical SEO. See how we helped Newsletter Glue improve their technical SEO.

How Clio Websites can help

We offer competitive small business website packages. Contact us today if you want to get started with your project.

The average cost of website design for small business

The average cost of a small business website can range between $3,500 and $5,000 CAD. You might find cheaper solutions but as the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for”. The cost will depend on the number of pages that you need, the functionality, and any special requirements you may have.

Responsive web design

Your business is growing and you need your website to be able to keep up. 

Whether you need a complete redesign or just to update an existing site, you can trust Clio Websites for modern, responsive web design services

We will build something that looks good on any device, gives you the solid foundation you need to grow your business, and makes sure your customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

WordPress websites

If you are looking for a Calgary-based WordPress expert, your search is over. 

As a leading development agency here in Canada, we have helped numerous clients set up their projects. We have a team of experienced developers, so there is no project too big or small for us to handle.


All of our client’s websites are optimized for the search engines, and we help them generate more website traffic. 

We use proven search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Maintenance and support

Your website is down, again. And also the content on your website hasn’t been updated in 2 years. Guess what? You don’t have an SEO problem. You have a website management problem.

Clio Websites makes sure that your content is fresh and your website is running smoothly. Contact us today to get started!

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Nat Miletic is the founder of Clio Websites, a Calgary-based web design company. Nat writes about WordPress, SEO, and responsive web design.

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