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Construction companies are known for their incredible services, but they still need a way to draw in clients. Creating a great website for your construction company can help you to show potential clients everything that your team offers. As a construction company, you want to offer a sense of professionalism, but you also want to make your website friendly for those who are not in the industry. In this article, we will discuss how to successfully design a website for a construction company by offering you our web design tips for construction companies.


Top Web Design for Construction Companies Tips

Create A Professional Design

Professionalism should always be at the core of a construction site’s website because you want people to know that you take your work seriously. In order to offer this, you want to use clearly defined lines, appropriate industry colors, and sharper font choices. These features come together to show that your website and business is as sturdy as your work.

Use Approachable Language

A common mistake that technical professionals make is overusing jargon. While you might be comfortable with common construction terms, your clients probably aren’t. This can cause them to end up confused and uncertain about what you offer. Using approachable and friendly language can help your customers to better understand how your team can help them.

Choose Industry Appropriate Photos

Photography plays a large role in lending credibility to a construction website. If you can, having a professional photographer shoot captivating photos of your actual work can work wonders. This will show off what you offer and will look professional at the same time. In case you can’t work with a professional photographer, it is best to opt for industry appropriate stock photos. You want to lean towards credibility rather than showing off your portfolio if you have to choose between the two.

CraftING An Engaging “About Us” Page for a Construction Company

For construction companies, “about us” pages play a fairly large role. Many customers like to see what drives a construction team to work hard. This is an opportunity for you to engage your potential clients and show them why you are the best fit for the job. Focus on highlighting what makes your team stand out from the next company.

Offer Helpful “Services” Pages

Clients don’t want to have to contact a company to learn what they can do. Having clearly defined service pages can help your clients to learn about what you can offer, making it easier to choose you. Breakdown your most common services on neatly written pages to clearly define why you are the right choice.



As a construction company, you want to instill absolute confidence in your work. A professional website will go a long way when it comes to demonstrating your credibility as a business. Make sure that you find a good balance between professional and friendly to show clients why you’re the trustworthy local team. Even though construction is a highly technical industry, people still want to know that you are relatable and care how the project will turn out.

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