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In this article, we provide our best tips and dicuss our web design for photographers services.


Photography is a highly visual art, which means that your clients will always be looking for something beautiful. When you first begin to pursue your web design options, you will want to consider ways to make your photography website engaging and visually appealing.

No one wants to hire a photographer that doesn’t seem to exude beauty with their business presence, which is why the way that you design your website is so important. We understand that you need a beautiful and efficient website that will make clients want to work with you. Using the right approach to design, you can make your website look like the perfect portfolio. This is why we wanted to share a few helpful tips to get you started.

Use a Clean and Open Design

In photography, there are few things more important than the quality of the images. Web design works the same way. You want to focus on providing your visitors with an appealing sight when they click through your pages.

Clean and open design choices can make your website look more professional and all-around more appealing. Instead of cluttering your pages with information and design elements, try and keep your design minimalistic. This will help you to highlight what is actually important, your photographs.

Check out this free elementor photography theme that we carefully crafted.


Use Themed Images

A major issue that people run into with adding images to their website is forgetting to keep them similar. As a photographer, chances are that you photograph plenty of different subjects and scenes. This doesn’t mean that you can only choose one photoset. However, you want to choose images for your website that are similar in tone or color scheme. This will help your website to look more professional and better as a whole.

When you use similar color patterns and vibrancies, you will notice that the pages flow much better.

Making Sure Your Website is Responsive

There is nothing more tragic than attempting to look at a company website on your phone and realizing that their website is not mobile friendly. The same is true when you visit a site on your computer and learn that it was only made for mobile. These limitations can cause problems for the overall credibility of your website, and consequently, your business.

Putting in the extra work to make sure that your website looks great no matter how your customers view it is an excellent way to draw in new clients and put your best foot forward. At Clio, are websites are not only visually appealing, but they are guaranteed to look great on any platform.


Photography Website Performance

A great portfolio website will need to perform well and still look visually appealing in order to make the biggest impact. Showcasing your portfolio and ensuring that your website still performs well and loads fast can be tricky.

We utilize tools and techniques such as lazy loading and caching in order to ensure that your web design for photographers product is successful. Clio has helped many clients achieve a good balance between functionality, beauty, and performance. Check out our portfolio to see some examples.

Web Design for Photographers – Summary

As a photographer, your job is to be able to recognize beauty when you see it. Though you might not design your website yourself, you should be able to identify a good website when you see one.

Take the time to look at available models or websites in order to get an idea surrounding what you want to see for your own website. This is helpful whether you work with a company like ours to custom design your website or you simply use a website builder. Find a design that works for you and show off your amazing photographs in style!

Why Clio

We have helped many Calgary photographers get their websites successfully launched. Here is what Cedna Photography had to say about working with us:

Clio has played an instrumental and irreplaceable role in helping to develop and maintain my WordPress website. I have had several developers over the years assisting me and no one came close to providing the level of support, quality of service and communication as he has. My experience has been superb. Most notably, he is knowledgeable, efficient and extremely quick to respond and has provided an immense amount of care and understanding. All of these aspects I believe are critical to any positive client experience – to feel valued and to be heard. I cannot recommend him enough!

Photo Credit – cednaphotography.com

If you need assistance or help with any step of your design process contact us to get started, or check out our other responsive web design services.

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